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My Philosophy

Escoffier’s famous dictum “Faites Simple” is frequently quoted but mostly ignored by chefs who are obsessed with technique and style. So what does “Keep it Simple” mean?

Simple food does not necessarily mean quick or easy food, though it can be both. Keeping it simple means being pure in effect – finding natural rhythms and balances, allowing food to taste of itself and the season to which it belongs. Simple food does not hide behind a sauce of concealment, nor is it a contrived picture on a plate. It is a picture, but an honest one that has no pretensions.

All history is revisionist, nowhere more so than the writing of recipes, Classic dishes are redefined as tastes advance, but there is little new in food, only altered perceptions, shades of redefinition and rediscovery.

The more experience I’ve gained the simpler, more produce inspired my food has become. My intention is to make the produce taste even more of itself and the season to which it belongs.


  • Meat – Gonalston
  • Fish – John Bingham Grimsby
  • Spanish Ingredients – Brindisa
  • Middle Eastern Ingredients – Ottolenghi
  • Vegetables/Fruit – West Bridgford Farmers Market/Gonalston
  • Bread Flour- Shipton Mill


  • Elizabeth David
  • Simon Hopkinson
  • Jeremy  Lee
  • Stephen Markwick
  • Philip Johnson
  • Greg Malouf
  • Margot Henderson

Tapas at the Manor, Nottinghamshire

The dishes we cook are always made authentically and true to their specific regions; be it Spanish, Moroccan or Turkish and we don't follow food fashions as there nearly all rubbish. There's good food and bad food and that's it!